Craps And Blackjack Secrets Revealed

Craps Secrets Revealed

Today’s casino cheating at craps isn’t like the old days when dealers used
loaded dice and magnets. Today’s casino cheating is virtually undetectable even
by trained observers.

If you watch the stickman (that’s the craps dealer that uses a long stick to
retrieve the dice after their thrown) he will use the end of his stick to turn the
dice so that certain numbers are facing up. For example, if the point is four, he
will set the dice so that four face up. Why? It changes the random probability of
the dice in favor of the house. Is that a simple act of pre-setting dice cheating?
Yes, because anything that changes probability gives the casino an extra

Can you counter that pre-setting of dice? Yes. When the dealer pushes the dice
to you, change the dice to a more favorable setting. We will show you later what
the best pre-sets are for playing the game.

How can you detect this cheating? By simple observation. Next time you’re at a
casino, watch the stickmen set the dice before pushing it to players. They all do
it. The casino never does anything that doesn’t give them an advantage.
Blackjack Secrets Revealed

If the dealer has a higher total than you, you lose.

There are two basic methods that modern casinos use to cheat blackjack

  1. CARD SHUFFLING: the number one “cheating” tactic employed by all
    modern casinos is card shuffling. To frustrate card counting, dealers
    shuffle the decks at random times or anytime they think someone might be
  2. MULTIPLE DECKS: Most casinos use a “shoe” that contains anywhere
    from four to eight decks of cards. Which makes card counting virtually
    impossible. Many casinos have returned to single decks but they all continue
    to shuffle before the bottom of the deck is used.
  3. Casinos know that blackjack can be beaten using a good basic strategy
    and card-counting. That’s why they have developed shuffling and multiple
    deck countermeasures.
  4. No matter how good a blackjack player you are, you will find it extremely
    difficult to make even a small profit playing blackjack in modern casinos.
  5. Even if you’re not counting cards but the casino thinks you are, they can
    legally ban you from playing in their casino.

Play Roulette To WIN!

Remember that any roulette “system” will lose over the long run, there is no way around it. There is always a house advantage of 2.7% or 5.26% AND THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT!

This system of betting only prolongs the inevitable, by changing the random win-loss-win-loss pattern into a predictable small-win:>small-win:>small-win:>big-loss pattern which gives enough time to at least double your money and get out quickly with a nice profit.

Having made the above statement, please take my money management portion of the system seriously and don’t deviate. Deviation will allow the casino to win back everything you have won and then some.

Only play on single-zero tables to cut the house advantage almost in half.

Bellow, you can see a typical example of what your purse balance will look like under this system. You are trading a lot of random small wins and losses that normally hover around a break-even point, for a series of wins and one big loss after some time. Of course, you should be long gone before the devastating loss happens, or at least leave at the first signs of it, at your stop-loss profit, and keep most of your profit.

The Details:

You will start with a purse of 50 units. It can be $1 or $5 or $10 or more, but, the table maximum can never be less than 13 X the unit you are playing with. For example, a $1 minimum bet table might have a maximum bet of $100, $1unit X 13 = $13 so that is ok but $10 unit X 13 = $130 which exceeds the $100 table limit so you need to find a table with higher limits to use $10 bets.

  • Your bets will be units in this order; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 13. Do not deviate.
  • Start with 1 unit and use the next higher step after every loss.
  • After every win starts over with a 1 unit bet.
  • All bets will have payoffs of 2:1
  • Bets always alternate between “the Column Bet” and “The Dozens Bet”

The placement of the next bet is determined by the previous marker position but in the next alternate, (Column or Dozens), position. If you had a bet on one of the “Dozens” and the number up was “15” then your next bet would in the third “Column”, (corresponding to the number “15”), and the amount is determined by whether you won or lost the last spin. [see examples below]. If “zero” is the number it is a loss and the next bet goes to the center position of the next alternate position. You can start the session at any position you feel lucky at.

After you exceed a purse of 110 units NEVER go back under 100. If you get to 110 and your next bet would take you below 100 you are done. If you get to 101 and your next bet wins then you may keep going. If you ever get to the point where you cannot make your next bet in the series without going under the 100 units then start again with one unit. If you get to 150 units then double your units, every 50 units after that keep doubling your units until you would exceed the table limit with 13 X units. Every threshold of 100 ORIGINAL units is a “stop-limit” and you never go back under. Your play will always end with a purse balance of 0, 100, 200, 300, etc. no exceptions, these are your stop limits. If there is not enough balance above your stop limit to make the next sequence bet then start over at one original unit and try to work it back up, don’t give up until the purse equals exactly 0, 100, 200, 300, etc. If you think you have won enough and stop at say 125, you will never appreciate what a true winning streak can sometimes do. It is correct not to be greedy but you also don’t ever want to stop in the middle of a winning streak. The maximum you will ever lose at one sitting is your 50 unit original purse.

Flash and Java Casinos

Flash/Java Online Casinos

The future is here and has been for several years. As the Internet technology moves forward the same happens to no-download casinos, they evolve and become better and better year after year. The looks, the sounds, and most of all the games that are offered nowadays are simply amazing and are more than capable to compete against the downloadable casino games.

Good Things About Flash/Java Casino

No download casinos are very simple to use, you never need to update them as the provider does it. The only thing you need to do is log in and start playing. Faster internet means faster access to games, 1Mb Internet connection is nowadays quite a common speed for online connection and it’s also more than enough for no download casino games.

All the information sent from you to the provider of online games is secured using the latest encryption methods. You will need hundreds of years to break the encryption technology used to send and receive information.
Flexibility is the key feature of no download casino. Play whenever, wherever, as long as you have an Internet connection and a platform that supports Flash/Java technology (virtually everything from PCs, Macs, and even mobiles!) you will be able to play.

Not So Good Things About Flash/Java Casinos

The amount of games is usually a bit less (around 60-100 is the most common).
If you have a slow Internet connection you might have to wait a bit for the games to load. 1Mb Internet connection is more than enough to enjoy the games without waiting for long. Games at no download casinos usually load in just a couple of seconds.

Great No Download Casinos

Feel free to try one of these casinos to prove our point: Slots N Games, Party Casino, and Ladbrokes

Download Casinos

A downloadable online casino is like an old workhorse for online gaming. The first downloadable casinos were released not long after the Internet became commercial (the magical date was 1995) and that’s a long time ago. Of course, as the technology advanced so did the complexity and the quality of games. From all the casino platforms out there, there are but a few big ones that are the leaders in the industry: Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, and Cryptologic.

The Good Things About Download Casinos

After all the games are loaded, you will only need to update now and then. This means that the overall speed of the casino is quite fast.
Most of the time you are more than capable of playing even while using an outdated Internet connection (modem 28.8k or worse, although you will also spend a very long time downloading all the games) You can find casinos with over 300 games!

The Bad Things About Download Casinos

You need to download the casino, install it and wait for it to download the games (it might take a while to get them all). Constant updates and update checks are a pain in the ***.

You need to download, install and update every time you change your PC (home, work, friends computer), that’s EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Not all downloadable casinos support the “less-used” platforms like Mac or Linux, if you are using one, it is a much safer option to play at a no-download casino instead.