Flash and Java Casinos

Flash/Java Online Casinos

The future is here and has been for several years. As the Internet technology moves forward the same happens to no-download casinos, they evolve and become better and better year after year. The looks, the sounds, and most of all the games that are offered nowadays are simply amazing and are more than capable to compete against the downloadable casino games.

Good Things About Flash/Java Casino

No download casinos are very simple to use, you never need to update them as the provider does it. The only thing you need to do is log in and start playing. Faster internet means faster access to games, 1Mb Internet connection is nowadays quite a common speed for online connection and it’s also more than enough for no download casino games.

All the information sent from you to the provider of online games is secured using the latest encryption methods. You will need hundreds of years to break the encryption technology used to send and receive information.
Flexibility is the key feature of no download casino. Play whenever, wherever, as long as you have an Internet connection and a platform that supports Flash/Java technology (virtually everything from PCs, Macs, and even mobiles!) you will be able to play.

Not So Good Things About Flash/Java Casinos

The amount of games is usually a bit less (around 60-100 is the most common).
If you have a slow Internet connection you might have to wait a bit for the games to load. 1Mb Internet connection is more than enough to enjoy the games without waiting for long. Games at no download casinos usually load in just a couple of seconds.

Great No Download Casinos

Feel free to try one of these casinos to prove our point: Slots N Games, Party Casino, and Ladbrokes

Download Casinos

A downloadable online casino is like an old workhorse for online gaming. The first downloadable casinos were released not long after the Internet became commercial (the magical date was 1995) and that’s a long time ago. Of course, as the technology advanced so did the complexity and the quality of games. From all the casino platforms out there, there are but a few big ones that are the leaders in the industry: Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, and Cryptologic.

The Good Things About Download Casinos

After all the games are loaded, you will only need to update now and then. This means that the overall speed of the casino is quite fast.
Most of the time you are more than capable of playing even while using an outdated Internet connection (modem 28.8k or worse, although you will also spend a very long time downloading all the games) You can find casinos with over 300 games!

The Bad Things About Download Casinos

You need to download the casino, install it and wait for it to download the games (it might take a while to get them all). Constant updates and update checks are a pain in the ***.

You need to download, install and update every time you change your PC (home, work, friends computer), that’s EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Not all downloadable casinos support the “less-used” platforms like Mac or Linux, if you are using one, it is a much safer option to play at a no-download casino instead.